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New Treatment Now Available….a natural facelift treatment, which includes the neck and chest as well as the face.

The techniques used are from both Japanese and Ayurvedic traditions and is ideal for anyone who would like to help to prevent sagging and lines. It also helps to balance the mind, body and spirit and is very relaxing. The treatment incorporates facial reflexology and acupressure on certain areas to help relieve tension, and relax the muscles in the face, neck and chest.

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I source my crystals for healing at Mind and Body shows, but for my extra special ones I visit a shop and warehouse in Cromer.  online crystals i use ive known Tracy for many years and i know she selects crystal by energy also

I like to bond with a crystal before buying it, as I believe it helps me to heal at a deeper level.

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I’ve been keeping up to date with new ideas and products by visiting Mind Body and Spirit shows, and Health and healing shows.

I found some intersting new accessories for my Massage, and some new equipment, which helps me to use the best for my clients.

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I like to attend a new course every now and then and in this way it also introduces me to new ideas.

On one of my courses with Gateway, I discovered Massage Wax, which is much nicer for the client and also very easy to use.

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